Logotypes, websites and brand building services

Building brands from the inside out.

With a pragmatic approach, we provide design and brand building services to make your brand reach its full potential.

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Expanding Concepts is a brand agency based in the city of Malmö, Sweden. Our customers are located both near and far.

With a pragmatic approach, we provide logotypes, websites and brand building services with the ambition to always deliver the highest possible value for our customers.

We always strive for:

- Fixed prices, no surprises
- Structure and clarity
- Delivery on time

Simply said, we are a smart choice for the small business with high ambitions that wants to get the most out of its budget and time.

Whether you need help on a small or larger scale, a project starts with understanding the purpose and the core values of your brand in order to find the best way to express it.

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Building brands begins from the inside. Let us help expanding yours.

Martin Ericson, founder